Apr 11, 2018  Düsseldorf / Germany

Partnership with online laundry service extended

“Commitment to partnership with ZipJet”

Zipjet, the on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service, has announced a seven-figure investment from investors including Henkel Ventures and BSH Home Appliances Group, Europe’s largest manufacturer of home appliances, including washing machines. The news follows strong growth figures for Zipjet with revenue increasing 40% year-on-year.

The latest funding round – an extended Series B – will be used for business and product development in Zipjet’s markets in London, Paris and Berlin, and extending the startup’s data science team as well as increasing the marketing budget.

The investment is the start of a strategic partnership with BSH taking up a position on Zipjet’s board and the group set to exchange market knowledge. This is the third investment in Zipjet by Henkel Ventures and the first from BSH.

Florian Färber, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Zipjet, said: “This investment is about much more than money, it’s a strategic play with some of the world’s largest producers of washing machines and detergents. We will be able to collaborate on several projects, enabling us to service more customers and develop our product offering.

“We’ve adopted a city-centric model which is focused on providing the best and fastest service to areas of high population density. This approach has paid dividends - revenue growth is very strong and this investment will give us the fuel we need to accelerate our growth further.”

Uwe Blanarsch-Simon, Vice President Technical Product Management at BSH Home Appliances, said: “The purpose of our business is to improve the quality of life of our consumers across the globe. Our goal is to serve our consumers with innovative appliances and solutions that make their everyday life easier and more enjoyable. The cooperation with Zipjet is a perfect complement for our core business in the laundry care section”.

Thomas Schuffenhauer, Head of Corporate Venturing at Laundry & Home Care, said: “We believe in the future of direct consumer services such as this on-demand solution. The participation in this financing round is a clear commitment to our partnership with Zipjet, which has grown over the years.”

Amsterdam Venture Partners also contributed to the funding round.

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